Don’t look to the future, look towards Vitosha!
Тhe future is already here – GORA has beed awarded with the highest certification for sustainability – LEED Platinum.
GORA was awarded for Building of the Year 2020 with a special award in the “Buildings with elements of “green” architecture” category.

About the project

GORA (Green Office and Residential Area) business centre is an office space project designed for the citizen of the future. For, as the name suggests, the GORA offices manage to embody both the first-class modern workplace and the genuine nature landscape.

One of the main benefits of GORA must be its close proximity to the 4th Green Layout of Sofia which brings fresh air from the mountain to the city center with no construction work allowed in it. And if that isn’t enough, the panoramic view of Vitosha Mountain will surely have an inspiring and invigorating effect on you and your colleagues.


GORA is situated in the Krastova Vada District, one of the fastest developing regions of Sofia. Reaching the offices is
very easy thanks to the many neighbouring thoroughfares,
such as the Simeonovsko Shose, Cherni Vrah and Bulgaria boulevards. And if you are a fan of cycling, you can always
take the bike line.

The location is specifically chosen to fit the needs of the active urban citizen. Paradise Center, Vitosha metro station, as well as Pulev Sport Center and Acibadem City Clinic are at walking distance – just five minutes away. And should you like getting some fresh air during your lunch break, The South Park and The Lozenets Park are always a good option.

Modern and different

GORA is not just another business center. GORA is designed for the contemporary human who tries to live sustainably and cares about the future. 
It was that person that we had in mind when we constructed GORA to perform amazingly in categories such as energy-saving, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, as well as stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impact. The building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified under the requirements for sustainable construction.
The business center offers seven class A office floors, each spanning 2 155 m2. They can accommodate one, two of four different tenants. The space is laid out with the working areas being next to the windows, making sure they are close to the sunlight.
On the ground floor, you can find a café and a restaurant that makes eating at the office an easy and time-efficient option. 
As for the parking areas, they are both under and over ground. Additionally, we have positioned 26 stations where electric cars can be charged. Аnd if that isn’t enough, we opened two parking spaces with charging stations for Spark – the urban rent-an-e-car service.

Distinctive Features

The office areas are provided with a high-efficient Chilled Beams system. This HVAC system provides the occupants with the opportunity to maintain individual zone control in each premise or floor of the building. The system is designed with recuperation and the system works with 100% fresh air. This considerably lowers the risk of spreading dust, bacteria, and viruses throughout. The system covers the highest EU standards applicable to hospitals and laboratories.

And due to the lack of fans, it is perfect for work, as it produces almost no noise and unwanted airflow.

The facade represents an attractive and modern blend of materials and textures.

The north part represents a fully glazed curtain wall with maximum transparency and operable windows. A special architectural element is the artificial stone cladding selected for the south façade and partially for the east and west facades, fitted with Warema lamellar sun blinds. They will be automatically controlled, based on the data from the local Meteorological station.

Floor Plans

Technical Specifications

Electrical Services
The building has a First Category power supply from two independent sources, which provide full back-up power to the essential systems.

The building is fully monitored by CCTV cameras.

Access Control
For higher security, access to the building will be given only after authorization.

Fire Fighting and Protection
The building is designed and built in accordance with the current Fire Code. A sprinkler system is provided to the basement only in compliance with fire code and a fire hose reel system is provided for each floor.

Water supply and Sewerage
The building is connected to the main city water supply and sewerage network. The hot water for the offices will be provided through electrical boilers. The rainwater will be used for irrigation purposes as well as for flushing the toilets within the building.

Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Тhe system provides the occupants with the opportunity to maintain individual zone control on each premise or floor of the building. The ventilation system is designed with recuperation and the system works with 100% fresh air. Due to the lack of fans, the noise in the building will be lower.

The building management system will integrate, monitor, control and manage all engineering services. The BMS will control the chillers, boilers, and the ventilation and air conditioning system. The BMS will monitor for malfunctions of the water pumps, the pressure control fans in lift shafts and staircases, the lifts, the sprinkler system, the fire alarm system, and the security system.

The building is equipped with six passenger Schindler lifts of 1050 kg / 14 persons load capacity and Destination control system. All lifts were designed with the necessary accessories and sound signals to facilitate and guarantee free access for disabled people.

Each floor has its own terrace available to all office spaces.

GORA can be reached via a cycling lane, which spans to the center of the city. The building offers bicycle racks, changing rooms equipped with showers available for all tenants.

Charging Stations for Electric Cars
26 charging stations for electric cars will be installed for the convenience of the tenants.



MOBILE: 0888 805 805