Distinctive Features

The office areas are provided with a high-efficient Chilled Beams system. This HVAC system provides the occupants with the opportunity to maintain individual zone control in each premise or floor of the building. The system is designed with recuperation and the system works with 100% fresh air. This considerably lowers the risk of spreading dust, bacteria, and viruses throughout. The system covers the highest EU standards applicable to hospitals and laboratories.

And due to the lack of fans, it is perfect for work, as it produces almost no noise and unwanted airflow.

The facade represents an attractive and modern blend of materials and textures.

The north part represents a fully glazed curtain wall with maximum transparency and operable windows. A special architectural element is the artificial stone cladding selected for the south façade and partially for the east and west facades, fitted with Warema lamellar sun blinds. They will be automatically controlled, based on the data from the local Meteorological station.

Floor Plans